We contribute by working on the production of fine quality (Harit-certified) city compost and building procurement, quality enhancement, and distribution channels for city compost.

What is Composting?

Quality Compost :

We generate more than 1.5 lac MT of wet waste per day, most of which is not processed. This waste can be converted to quality compost acting as precious sources that can improve our soil fertility and reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers.

Soil Fertility :

Soil fertility is going down due to the use of chemical fertilizers and climate change. The ever-increasing costs of fertilizers make agriculture uneconomical.

How we help?

We are building procurement, quality enhancement, and distribution channel for city compost. Our city compost improves soil fertility and reduces chemical fertilizer usage resulting in cost savings for farmers. Besides, as the city compost (made from the processing of urban organic waste) reaches back to farms as a resource, circularity in the food chain is achieved.
1. Procurement

We work with municipalities to produce quality compost from wet waste.

2. R & D

Quality enhancement through microbe addition and nutrient enrichment.

3. Distribution

Build a Network with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO), Krishi Kendra, and Co-operative Societies.

Our Compost Impact

The Compost are based on several Krishi kendra, including Farmer Producer Organizations, ULBs Network, and processing, and they encourage cities to adopt sustainable waste management practices.

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