We recycle low-value post-consumer flexible plastic that often ends up in landfill through SPCB-authorized MRFs in collaboration with MSMEs and ULBs.

PROCESS Of Recycling

We are Breakdown of Recycling Process: 

1. Sourcing

We work with municipalities, scrap dealers, and waste pickers to recover low-value flexible plastic by creating new economic opportunities for them. Formal integration of the sector is at the core of our efforts. We are working with 20 Municipalities and 105 waste pickers & scrap dealers

2. Sorting

We accept mixed LDPE, LLDPE, and Polypropylene (PP) types of plastic. Procured plastic is sorted as per polymer and material quality type

3. Processing

We have set up mechanical recycling machinery that converts raw plastic into granules which are further used by agriculture and plastic product industries.

Why Us?

We are a social and environmental enterprise with a deep knowledge and rich experience of more than 4 years,
in effective waste management, resource recovery, social impact and recycling.

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Our Recycling Impact

Many cities and municipalities in India are implementing separate waste collection and disposal systems, encouraging composting and recycling, and promoting public awareness about waste reduction and management.

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